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The Best Dining Tables at West Elm (Editor-tested & Reviewed)

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Dining tables are an essential investment for the home, and the model you choose can say a lot about you. The size, shape, material, and finish not only provide a glimpse into our day-to-day, but they also show how we appreciate food. Perhaps your table is used more for remote work or crafting than it is for dining and entertaining. Regardless of how your dining table serves you and your household, choosing the right one matters. As your Personal Shopper, we visit the brick-and-mortar stores of your favorite home retailers, including Pottery Barn, Ashley, Burrow, Blu Dot, and more to test their offerings and help you find the best sofa, rug, or coffee table for your space.

West Elm is an AT editor- and reader-favorite retailer for all things home and kitchen, including, of course, dining room furniture. The brand’s vast selection not only looks good but can also be delivered directly to your dining area with white-glove delivery. West Elm also offers free furniture customization and design guidance as well as complimentary swatches from a plethora of upholstery options to help you find your ideal materials and colors. Below are the exact dining table models we tested, but you can also find many of them in different shapes and variations.

The range of dining furniture carried by West Elm is not limited to this list. Visit the website for more options.

We judged every West Elm dining table in-store based on the following five criteria, giving each category an average rating between 1 and 5. These scores helped us determine who the table suits best and for what type of dining.

Capacity: How many people can fit around the table? Are any structural or design elements (i.e., beams, legs, etc.) obtrusive?

Customizability: Are size, configuration, material, color, or other details customizable? How granular can a shopper get when customizing?

Versatility: Can the table expand or change size? How difficult would it be to assemble, disassemble, or move? Can it be used as more than just a dining table?

Appearance: What style does it best suit? Does it lean more traditional (i.e., detailing, dark wood) or more contemporary (i.e., sleek, light wood)?

Quality: Is the table built for looks or to last? Are its materials more basic (and typically easy to maintain) or more luxe and uncommon?

Every Editor-Tested Dining Table at West Elm

What Impressed Us: The reliability.

Solid acacia wood in a cool walnut finish makes the Keira expandable dining table one that’ll stand the test of time. Kiln dried for reinforced durability, it’s also expandable thanks to an included drop-in leaf that goes in the center of the table. Its legs even have levelers built in, which allow the table to adapt to varying floor levels. Wherever you move, however you redecorate, whatever you use it for the most, the Keira is an understated classic built to last through it all.

What impressed us: The angular base and tempered glass top.

Inspired by retro design, the Jensen table stuns with its uniquely shaped wooden base, which is nicely contrasted with a round glass top. We also viewed a rectangular version but prefer the safe, curved edges of this model, as well as its more intimate size. Specifically, it can comfortably seat up to four people without taking up as much space as many four-sided tables. Regardless of whether you go with an acorn or walnut base, the Jensen will instantly add warmth to your dining area. And at just $549, it’s easily one of West Elm’s more affordable options. You’ll want to be careful, however, as the glass does appear to accumulate scratches with time. But, a couple of placemats should help remedy the issue. 

What Impressed Us: The modern minimalism.

One of West Elm’s best-selling dining tables, the Anton has the clean lines, symmetry, and natural wood aesthetic expected of mid-century modern furniture but with a striking level of minimalism that makes it more modern than mid-century. Its plinth legs are wide enough to give the table secure support while also being thin enough (without the need for additional beam support) to leave plenty of room for everyone’s legs. You can also shop it in a round pedestal style. It’s a table that will truly make a statement in your home.

What Impressed Us: The effortlessness.

An easygoing addition to pretty much any decor scheme, the Mid-Century Expandable dining table deserves its refreshingly straightforward name. It’s able to expand from a compact 39″ two-seater to a 55″ four-seater, and its slender legs and unobtrusive support beams make it comfortable at either size. The table comes in two other sizes, both of which are also expandable, and its sustainably sourced and Fair Trade-certified solid wood frame is kiln dried for high-quality durability over time.

What Impressed Us: The simple silhouette and rustic finish.

We deemed the Hargrove table the best farmhouse-style pick not only because of its simple wooden finish and slightly weathered texture, but also because this four-seater offers tons of surface area. Even if you don’t live in a rural area, you can still take part in an authentic country morning breakfast by loading your table up with the works and having space to spare. Additionally, we loved the Hargrove’s light-colored design, which contrasts nicely with its heavier elements, namely, the thick rounded legs. You could easily style the table to fit more of a boho aesthetic or keep things quaint depending on your choice of decor.

What impressed us: The clean lines and black finish.

If you can’t tell by now, we’re big fans of expandable dining tables. The Parker model is no exception, especially when you consider its soft edges, minimal design, and tapered, out-of-the-way legs. Up close, its black water-based finish looks glossy and feels slightly textured, which adds visual interest to the otherwise simple table. What’s more, you get plenty of surface area no matter which size you opt for. You can choose between the smallest size, which seats four to six people, a middle size that seats between six and eight, or a large size that seats from eight to 10. Together, all of its elements make the Parker a refined choice for those who prefer a more grown-up aesthetic, yet it still remains practical for small and large parties alike.

What Impressed Us: The efficiency.

The Jules Drop Leaf Dining Table comes in the shape of a round, cafe-style two-top, but, when fully expanded, can comfortably fit four for a full meal. Slender metal legs make leg positioning easy, and its collapsible sides make the table one of the most space-efficient styles on our list. When the drop-leaf attachments are fully expanded, they meet seamlessly with the tabletop’s center, which aids in avoiding messy crevices or an uneven surface. For those living in small spaces or apartments who like to host, the Jules is our pick.

What Impressed Us: The versatility.

Working from your dining room table? No problem. Technically, with the right seating, all of the tables in this list are suitable to some degree. But the Box Frame Drop Leaf Expandable Table is our pick for makeshift home offices thanks to its easily adjustable, dual-sided drop-leaf expanders. Need a little more surface area? Simply lift either or both leaves and easily hinge the support beams underneath to secure them seamlessly. Able to fit four people comfortably — up to six if you really like each other — the Box Frame works triple-duty as a table for many, a table for few, and a desk for remote workers.

What impressed us: The marble surface and brass metal base.

For the ostentatious interior decorator, there’s the Silhouette Pedestal table. During our time at West Elm, we viewed a number of marble-accented coffee tables, but when the material is utilized for a piece of this size, it’s even more show-stopping. Of course, there’s another visual element at play here, and that’s the striking metal base that’s finished in gold-toned brass. Is there any color combo that’s more elegant than gold and white? We’re beginning to think not. (The table is also available in an all-black version.) Looks aside, it goes without saying that you’ll be able to utilize this sturdy piece for far more than just entertaining — just take care to wipe spills immediately. Although the marble is treated with a permeating sealer, it can still stain.

What Impressed Us: The intimacy.

A solid dining table option for households of one or two, the Tripod has a trendy, restaurant feel to it. Its robust dark wood allows it to stand out without feeling obtrusive, especially if paired with mid-century modern dining chairs with straight, slender legs or — better yet — unique upholstered armchairs. The Tripod has the capacity to be a centerpiece all on its own, but it’s also humble enough to simply add to your current decor. It’s practically made for enjoying intimate meals, conversations, and happy hours with your nearest and dearest.

What impressed us: The weathered finish and moisture-resistant wood.

The great thing about West Elm’s vast selection is that you can make your outdoor space just as conducive to lavish dinner parties as your indoor dining room. All you need is a table like the Portside, which has a pull-out leaf on each end that allows it to seat anywhere from six to 10 people. We were instantly charmed by its coastal-inspired paneled top and slightly distressed finish. The square-shaped legs are yet another detail that sets this durable piece apart from your basic patio table. You can choose either a cool or warm wood tone, or opt for the “Driftwood” finish, which is somewhere in between.

What impressed us: The fluted legs and oval top.

If any table in West Elm’s showroom has the power to stop you in your tracks, it’s the Ellington thanks to its oval-shaped surface and oversized half-cylinder legs. The hefty bases boast intricate fluting, which will bring texture to the space and almost serve as decor in itself. Whether you sit down to intimate dinners for four every night or prefer to entertain large groups, this trendy pick will instantly let guests know you have great taste. And, whereas many of the retailer’s dining tables fall into either the small-space-friendly or oversized categories, this one is a solid medium-sized option.

What impressed us: The chunky legs and seating capacity.

Able to expand up to 104 inches long with the included drop-in leaf, the Branton is the table you want in your dining room if you’re the designated host of your friend group. We also love its chunky round legs, which sit out of the way, and the similarly rounded corners that not only make the table a tad safer, but also give it a homey look. Although you can shop the Branton in a black oak finish, the rich walnut option is divine, especially if you’re after a warm aesthetic. You could keep this piece simple with neutral-colored table linens and other organic shapes, or dress it up with flashier decor for celebratory occasions.

What impressed us: The stark white color and flared pedestal base.

This round dining table, made in collaboration with interior designer Billy Cotton, is, in fact, so simple, it almost looks like a prop. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if you prefer an austere interior decor style. Made of cement, it’s incredibly sturdy, and its flared pedestal base allows for maximum leg room despite the 44-inch-diameter top. We could easily envision the table as a morning breakfast spot, as well as a makeshift desk for remote workers. It might look clinical at first glance, but consider the simple white design as the ideal backdrop for your favorite decor.

What impressed us: The rounded edges and drop-in leaf.

Like the Branton table, the Miles table has rounded legs and edges, which is one reason we deemed it the best pick for families. Accidents tend to happen frequently if you have small children, but at least they won’t run into any sharp corners. What’s more, the Miles model is contract-grade, so it can stand up to heavy traffic without becoming worn down. Built-in leg levelers mean you’ll also never experience wobbling, while the “Toasted Oak” finish lends a warm, inviting ambiance to the otherwise grand piece. And, should you want to add seating for extended relatives, the included drop-in leaf lets you do that.

What impressed us: The tiled top and contrasting wood base.

The Lima table was tucked away in a corner when we visited the store, but we still spotted its glossy tiled top sparkling in the periphery. We viewed the table in the “Natural” color and can only imagine how regal the green hue would look. The hand-cast tiles also make this small table durable, not to mention easy to clean between open-air meals. Its tripod base is made of moisture-resistant solid eucalyptus wood, making the Lima table protected against rain and humidity from top to bottom. If you’re looking for a compact outdoor dining staple that’s as pretty as it is enduring, look no further.

What impressed us: The monochromatic design and compact silhouette.

Those with small fire escape balconies or a sliver of patio space will love the Wren bistro table. You can keep it outside during summer grilling season and free up space indoors, then continue to use it as a desk or dining spot the rest of the year. Its powder-coated metal might be resistant to the elements, but it’s still cute enough to fit in among your other living room furniture. We saw the Wren in a refreshing sage green color, though you can switch it up and go with a shade like “Petrol,” “Terracotta,” or classic white. While you’re at it, don’t forget to grab a set of matching chairs!


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