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NeoCon 2024: Award-winning Office Furniture Design

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NeoCon 2024 showcased the latest in office furniture design, awarding 126 innovative products for their exceptional contributions to enhancing employee performance and comfort.

June 10-12, 2024 – NeoCon, the premier global event for the commercial design industry since 1969, showcased cutting-edge ideas and innovative introductions that shape today’s and future built environments. This year, the 34th annual Best of NeoCon Awards highlighted trailblazing products celebrated for their exceptional design and innovation during a ceremony at THE MART. A distinguished panel of 53 experts awarded 126 accolades across 50 categories, including Gold, Silver, Sustainability, Innovation, Business Impact, and the coveted Best of Competition unveiled on June 10. With a focus on enhancing office environments, the award-winning products set new standards for employee performance and comfort in the commercial design landscape.

Collections for Collaboration: Tables, Chairs, Desks

The “Collections for Collaboration” category highlights innovative furniture solutions designed to enhance teamwork and interaction in various settings. Here are some of the standout winners in this category:

Silver Award: The Liaison collection, designed by @bradascnyc, offers versatile tables and chairs suitable for intimate settings, open hospitality venues, private offices, and in-between corporate or higher education spaces. Founded in 1977 by Randy Hollingsworth and Darrell Stout, DARRAN revolutionized the industry by offering customizable casegoods. The family-owned company, now managed by Randy’s children, continues to produce high-quality, built-to-order furniture that retains its form and function across various usage scenarios.

Gold Award: The Vox® Community is an electric height-adjustable desking system designed for modern, dynamic work styles. Ideal for small teams or remote workers, Vox® Community desks support privacy, flexibility, and efficient space planning. Founded in 1968, Nienkamper has grown from European-inspired designs to a global leader in corporate and residential furniture, manufacturing from their expanded 120,000-square-foot facility in Toronto.

Business Impact Award: Ambi, a modular collaborative collection from Stylex, was designed in partnership with Gensler to support both in-person and virtual collaboration in open-plan spaces. Its soft privacy panels and integrated technology facilitate virtual calls and presentations, making it ideal for hybrid work environments. Stylex, founded in 1956 by the Golden family, continues to prioritize refined, functional design in their seating and collaborative furniture, with a focus on understanding and enhancing user experience. Ambi will be available in September 2024.

Tables and Desks: Elevating Modern Workspaces

In contemporary office design, tables and desks foster collaboration, productivity, and ergonomic comfort. The winners in these categories exemplify the fusion of innovative design and functional excellence.

Gold Award: The FREYA collection, a paragon of Scandinavian design, earned three Gold awards for conference room furniture, conference tables, and furniture storage. Featuring minimalist lines, subtle textures, and natural materials, FREYA brings refined elegance to collaborative spaces. The collection includes tables, sideboards, and storage walls tailored for hybrid meeting spaces. HALCON‘s CEO, Ben Conway, emphasized FREYA’s blend of modern comfort and advanced technology, cementing HALCON’s reputation for master craftsmanship and high-quality performance.

Business Impact Award: Designed by Brian Graham, Ally transforms the traditional private office into a dynamic, collaborative space fostering equality and mentorship. By integrating lounge, occasional tables, workstations, and storage, Ally creates a versatile environment that encourages creativity and connection. This innovative solution aligns with modern workplace needs, offering a sanctuary for inclusive and collaborative interactions. OFS aims to reshape the future of work, turning private offices into spaces that inspire trust and partnership.

Seating Solutions for Comfort and Sustainability

Seating solutions are crucial in creating ergonomic and inviting environments that enhance comfort and productivity in both private and public spaces. This year’s NeoCon winners in the seating categories showcased innovative designs that prioritize these elements.

Innovation Award: Boss Design’s Frida collection, crafted by designer Aaron Clarkson, now offers versatile lounge and work booths designed to meet high mobility ergonomic standards. Suitable for various settings such as atriums, waiting areas, and travel lounges, Frida blends comfort and functionality. The design features a hammock-like structure with a floating seat, providing a sense of comfort and tranquility inspired by residential furniture. Established in 1983, Boss Design is renowned for high-quality contract furniture that enhances spaces across different sectors.

Sustainability Award: Tejo by Isomi is a sustainable modular seating collection made from recycled cork waste, contributing to the preservation of Portugal’s cork forests and promoting a circular economy. This flexible sofa system offers nearly limitless configuration options, including benches, sofas with backs, and back-to-back sofas, all constructed from natural materials like cork, natural latex, and wool and hemp fabrics. Established in 2011, Isomi combines raw materiality with modernist simplicity, delivering design-led furniture solutions that inspire creativity and sustainability in any space.

Technology Solutions: Smart Outlets, Monitor Arms, Soundproof Workspaces

In the rapidly evolving landscape of office technology, innovative solutions are essential for creating efficient, ergonomic, and adaptable work environments. This year’s NeoCon winners in the technology categories exemplify how cutting-edge accessories and integrated systems can significantly improve the functionality and comfort of modern workspaces.

Silver Award: ClearSpace Design’s SmartDock offers a seamless working flow with its integrated AC power outlet, video output, and USB-A and USB-C outputs for quick charging and data transmission. The customizable top cover allows for personalized branding, while its user-friendly design enables toolless installation or removal in seconds. When combined with a monitor arm, SmartDock conceals all cables, creating a cleaner and more spacious workstation, thereby enhancing overall performance and aesthetics.

Gold Award: The E5 monitor arm from HAT Collective adapts to a wide range of monitor weights, from 5 to 40 pounds, eliminating the need for costly setup changes. Designed for simplicity, efficiency, and compatibility, the E5 monitor arm meets the evolving needs of today’s workers. Its versatile and robust design streamlines the specification process, making it a hassle-free solution for diverse technology requirements.

Gold Award: bubl offers the ultimate soundproof workspace designed to enhance focus and well-being with integrated technology. Featuring 30dB noise reduction, HEPA-filtered air flow, circadian lighting, an adjustable desk, and an ergonomic chair, bubl creates a personal and productive environment. Powered by bubl.OS, it provides real-time monitoring, app integrations, and wellness features like sit/stand reminders and pre-event air filtration. With built-in wheels and a sprinkler retrofit panel, bubl is easily movable and integrates seamlessly into any office layout, optimizing both productivity and comfort.


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