July 15, 2024

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Best Outdoor Furniture For Small Spaces

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Having a small backyard doesn’t mean its lacks design potential. Whether you’ve got a tiny patio or a little balcony, there are many Pinterest-worthy ways to make your outdoor space feel special. Have you considered elevating an itty-bitty corner with a chic two-person patio set? Turning your deck into a cozy oasis with seating, an outdoor rug, and some fun décor to take it to the next level? Trust us; you’ve got options. Let’s explore them in more detail, ahead, with help from interior designer Kristin Marino.

How to Buy the Best Outdoor Furniture for Small Spaces

The interior expert says there are various factors to consider when looking for outdoor furniture for small spaces. First, she recommends lightweight and compact pieces you can easily move and store. Bonus points if they’re dual-purpose, “such as a bench with built-in storage or a stool that can double as a side table,” she says.

Need inspo? Marino speaks highly of bistro sets. Not only are there so many different styles of them—from retro designs to Parisian-inspired ones—but they also provide space for lounging and eating. Another piece of furniture she loves is a bar cart. “They’re a stylish and functional way to provide a place to store drinks and snacks,” she says.

As you zero in on outdoor furniture pieces that catch your eye, just remember to stick to “durable and weather resistant and won’t deteriorate over time,” she continues. Marino recommends teak (one of the most durable types of hardwood), steel, wicker, and aluminum — all of which can hold up against the elements.

And finally, tie in greenery and shade as much as possible, the pro advises. “Vertical gardens are great for smaller spaces and add visual interest,” whereas an umbrella will help protect you from the sun while also doubling as a stylish statement in its own right. From there, feel free to get creative with accessories such as throw pillows, an outdoor rug that ties into your color string, or string lights, which take up zero space, and create an inviting atmosphere.

Despite what you might have thought before landing on this article, the possibilities are practically endless, with small spaces if you’re willing to get creative. To help, we rounded up 14 pieces of furniture to prove it, including various styles at different price points and from a mix of retailers. Check them out ahead.

Expert Featured in This Article

Kristin Marino is the founder of the boutique interior design firm KozyKasa Design.

Additional reporting by Anvita Reddy


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